Slotted Dropouts –
These are very important and one of the main reasons that vintage bikes are more suited for conversion to single-speed configuration. The "slot" make is possible to adjust the tightness of the chain. Modern road bike using derailleurs just have a vertical notch.

Crank Arms–
This is a very important detail. Simplicity Bike will not put a bike together with the older "cotter pin" cranks. Below, on the left is an older "cotter pin" style crank. These are prone to getting banged up when disassembling and reassembling. They also can get loose and wear out. On the right, you see the square hole in the center of the crank. Much better.

At Simplicity Bike we offer several options in how a bike can be set up:

Handlebars: "bullhorn", road, straight

Wheels: 27" aluminum or 700c aluminum

Paint: original paint and decals or custom painted

New Parts: buyers have the option of upgrading any used part for a new part

Steel is great. It is a little flexible, providing great road-feel. It is strong. But, it is prone to rust. At Simplicity Bike we prefer any exposed steel to be stainless steel. Our restored steel frames are stripped to bare metal and given two coats of primer and two coats of finish paint.

We love aluminum. One, because it doesn't rust, and two, because it is lighter than steel. We prefer aluminum wheels whenever possible.

Rust example

Beautiful Aluminum w/ stainless steel bolts